Changes at kyta august 2022

Satnaam dearest sangat Ji,

It has been a year since I stepped into the role of Chair at KTYA. In that year the KYTA committee has worked hard to rise above the challenges and we have stayed steadfast in our commitment to serving our teacher members and the Kundalini Yoga community at large. We have also welcomed support from yourselves – the teachers.

In the past year KYTAs globally have or are having the royalties that came from training courses cut completely; these royalties now go only to the Kundalini Research Institute. For UK KYTA this represented between 30-50% of our income. In addition, in the space between the changing needs and outlook of our members, and activation of new strategies to serve them, some past members have not renewed their memberships.

However with a lot of hard work, we have managed to keep our heads above water and make progress. We are listening to your needs and our conversations recently have centered around innovation within the organisation. As part of our discussions we revised the structure of the board and the roles within it. From this a decision was made to set up a new KYTA structure in which each board member leading on their current individual work areas with no need for a Chair. For a short time during the transition over the next few months Preetam Kaur will guide the direction of KYTA and continue her role as Digital and Business Development Lead.

As I complete my year as KYTA Chair, I would like to thank each and every one of you for the love, faith and support you have given us and a heartfelt thank you to the committee that work on a largely seva basis to make it possible to be here for the teachers. I have very much enjoyed being a part of this journey and continue to be dedicated to this board and  to the sangat.

I am excited by these new changes and sincerely look forward to where we are headed. Preetam will shortly be sending a survey for members. Please take time to complete it.

Jagvinder Singh


Preetam Kaur – Business Development & Digital Lead

Daya Kaur – Community & Liaison Lead

Lenka Ditmar – Events Lead

Gemma Fuge – Finance & Administration Lead

Jagvinder Singh – Company Secretary

We are also looking for a Digital & Social Lead to come on board. Info here