Breath Work & Somatic Touch Classes

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Date Time: 11 Jun 2022 4:45 pm - 6:00 pm

Type of event:

Access: In Person

Teacher: Sat Guru Kaur

Location: 15 Edge Street London W8 7PN, London, W8 7PN

Cost: 30



Phone: 07444026117

Event Booking Link: #


This Somatic hands on healing class and breath with meditation is designed to release trauma, subconscious negative thought patterns & emotional blockages so that you can come into a deeper clarity, increased vitality and feel more in touch with the essence of who you are. The breath is transformational and healing, bringing up repressed emotion and any stuckness in the system. Somatic rewires your thought patterns and the nervous system.

Using a subtle somatic touch, this creates a safe container and healing space so the client can feel held and the trauma can come into awareness and consequently felt & released. The meditation seals the class to cleanse chakras and reset light bodies. We work with intention.

by Sat Guru (Cheryl)

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