In class kundalini yoga class

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Date Time: 5 Jun 2022 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Type of event:

Access: In Person

Teacher: Shanti Kavalya Kaur - Emilia Bataniuc

Location: Mare street 203 - 213, LONDON, UK, E8 3JS

Cost: 10



Phone: +447926687027

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Let’s awaken the body, mind and soul through unique, ancient and powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga.
As a qualified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher I will share my knowledge and wisdom through the practice.
Some of the multiple benefits of Kundalini yoga is a transformation from disturbed to undisturbed mind.
A cultivation of compassion towards the self and others. A stronger physical body and a deeper connection between breath and mind. A controlled breath means a controlled mind a controlled mind means a better self-control, communication and reactivity.
A better emotional regulation and greater functional connectivity between prefrontal areas that manage emotion and the areas of amygdala. It reacts to stress resulting in less reactivity. An improved activity to regulate attention.
Kundalini yoga is an occasion to go inwards, to listen and hear the internal wisdom that everybody already has. To re-connect with the divine teacher within and understand better who we are and what we are here for.
We will be using mantras, loads of breathing, mudras and especially selected sequences that work on specific areas of the whole.
If you are looking to:
strengthen your body and/or lose weight
have better focus and concentration
connect more with yourself and your already existing tools (sixth sense, inner voice, intuition…)
cultivate self-compassion and compassion
learn/practice meditation
bring/improve discipline into your life
replace bad habits
delay the physical and mental aging
and much more to discover embrace or/and let go of …
Thank you,
My warmest regards,
Emilia Bataniuc
Sat Nam
For ANY question please drop me a message on +44 (0)7 92 66 87 027

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