Sat Nam Rasayan Training with Jiwan Mukta Singh

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Date Time: 4 Jun 2022 - 5 Jun 2022 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Type of event:

Access: In Person

Teacher: Jiwan Mukta Singh

Location: 27D Dalston Lane, London, E8 3DF

Cost: £90 per day, £180 for the weekend



Phone: 02078129836

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Sat Nam Rasayan® is an ancient healing art from Kundalini Yoga that works in the meditative space. Ostensibly, the healer does nothing. Using her meditative mind, the healer comes into stillness, a state of profound silence called shuniya. In this neutral state of shuniya, with the distracting fluctuations of the mind suspended, the healer can become aware of and release resistances that cause emotional or physical dis-ease in the patient.

The study of Sat Nam Rasayan® includes the cultivation of shuniya through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. As well, student practitioners have practical experiences of healing, working on fellow students and patients under the direction of a teacher who helps to hold open the healing space.

Through the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan®, students develop the meditative mind, increase sensitivity, achieve greater clarity in their lives, release unhealthy habits, heal themselves, and heal others.

There are no prerequisites to study Sat Nam Rasayan and prior training in Kundalini Yoga is not required.

The training takes place over 2 days. You can come for one or both days. (It’s fine to join on Sunday, if you didn’t join on Saturday.)

Jiwan Mukta Singh became a student in his first meeting with Guru Dev Singh in 1992, traveling then with him to many countries, learning Sat Nam Rasayan, healing people, and then learning to teach. Jiwan Mukta Singh has taught extensively throughout the world, including classes in India in Yogi Bhajan’s house, Europe, Asia, Canada, Baltics, Scandanavia, Russia, Australia and more.

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