THE ‘SOUL’AR WITHIN – Solstice Celebration ONLINE with BenJahmin

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Date Time: 20 Jun 2020 10:30 am - 6:00 pm

Type of event:

Access: Online

Teacher: BenJahmin Steele

Cost: £40 or 45Euros



Phone: 0447707548832

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A Kundalini Yoga online sharing to celebrate the coming Summer Solstice and the Solar Sun reaching its highest point in the sky for 2020.
An opportunity to align to the Solstice energy and its spiritual meaning of the triumph of Light over Darkness.
A time where the Unity of Shiva and Shakti, Father Sun and Mother Earth reaches a wholeness within and without.
The Heart IS the ‘SOUL’AR within…..
Nourishing us, sustaining us and nurturing our Soul Self on its journey to Liberation.

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