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Voice, Mantra & Meditation

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Date(s) - 24/03/2018
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Heart Windlesham


with Sat Siri Singh in Heart Windlesham


“Singing raises the Soul of man higher than any form of religion. Music is power and intoxication.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Master (1882 – 1927)


One of the most fascinating technologies of Kundalini Yoga for exploring the mystery of our existence is the combination of sound, rhythm, breath and movement. We apply repetition in rhythm and the sound of our own voice to relax and process the layers of our ego, personality and history, so we can be reached and transformed by the essence of soul. It is a technology of self-trance and enchantment. The sound is shaped in primordial syllables of ancient, sacred languages, which carry the essence of soul itself within them: the Mantra. In this workshop, we will look into the origin and purpose of mantra and chanting for meditation, experience the mysteries and powers of our own voices, and offer ourselves to serve the sacred sound-current (naad) to be united with the Unspeakable One. We will experience liberating and healing powers from within.




Investment: £35 including nibbles, tea & cake. Venue: Heart Windlesham, 8 Newark Road, Windlesham, Surrey GU20 6NE. Contact & booking: Darshan Hari Kaur, 07787 425866, charleneshenton@gmail.com, www.heartwindlesham.com.