For any complaints against teachers who are members of the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (KYTA).

You may make your complaint directly to KYTA or to the department of Ethics & Professional Standards which is an independent body.


Any three members of the KYTA committee will be authorised to deal with complaints, providing one of the members is the Chair, and the two other members will not be interchangeable with other members of the committee for the duration of dealing with a particular complaint.

The process of dealing with a complaint will be as follows:

  • Complaints must be submitted by the complainant, in writing, to the Secretary of KYTA, giving full details.
  • The KYTA committee will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, in writing, to the complainant, advising that if the complainant wishes to proceed formally with the complaint, full details of such will be forwarded to the teacher against whom the complaint has been made. The complainant will also be advised that no further direct contact with the teacher should be made.
  • If the complainant wishes to proceed, the KYTA committee will advise the teacher against whom the complaint is made, in writing, about the complaint, giving full details and requesting a written response to such complaint within 14 days. The teacher will also be advised that no further direct contact with the complainant should be made.
  • Upon receipt of the teacher’s response, if the KYTA committee consider that a prima facie case has been established, it will arrange to hear the case within a period of four weeks. Both complainant and teacher will be invited to attend the hearing and to bring with them any witnesses to the incident.
  • If either the teacher or complainant does not attend the hearing, the KYTA committee will make a decision in his/her absence.
  • Where a complaint is upheld, it may incur a written reprimand or possible termination of membership in KYTA. No action will be taken against a teacher if a complaint is not upheld.
  • The decision taken by the KYTA committee will be final, and will be conveyed both to the complainant and teacher within 21 days.


KYTA Complaints Procedure in summary

1. Complaint to be made in writing

2. Committee investigates complaint

3. Mediation meeting between parties if necessary

4. Committee decision on the course of action

5. Parties notified on decision


  • Any complaints received by KYTA against a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher will be directed to the Chair of KYTA
  • The Chair of KYTA will notify the CEO of 3HO and the Executive Director of the KRI Aquarian Training Academy.
  • The Chair of KYTA shall require the complaint to be written and signed.
  • Upon receipt of signed, written complaint, the Chair of KYTA shall send the letter to the Teacher in question.   The teacher shall confirm receipt of the Letter of Complaint within 24 hours.  The teacher shall send a signed written response within 15 (business) days to the Chair of KYTA
  • If the teacher does not reply in writing within 15 business days, the Chair of KYTA will send a Letter of Warning.  If the teacher in question still does not respond, a Notice to Take Action will be sent to the teacher.
  • The Chair of KYTA will send the written response of the teacher to the complainant.  If the complainant then responds with additional information, that would be sent to the teacher.  The Chair of KYTA would ask the complainant what course of action he or she would recommend to be taken.  (The Chair of KYTA would clearly let the complainant know that this recommendation would be brought to Ethics and Professional Standards Committee to include in the review, but the Committee would be making a decision independent of this recommendation.)
  •  After receiving the response from the teacher in question, the Chair of KYTA or his or her representative may interview persons with information directly related to the complaint, possibly including the teacher in question and the complainant.  The EPS may request a face to face interview with the teacher in question.
  • All information gathered would be brought to the EPS Committee to review and make a Decision, as to what actions, if any, will be taken.   This should take place within 30 to 60 business days, depending upon the scope of the investigation.
  • If the teacher is put on probation, suspended, or revoked, any later requests for reinstatement would be based on the reason for the discipline.
  • The decision would become final as soon as possible and be communicated in writing to the teacher and the complainant and to other persons set forth in the final Decision.
  • The teacher may appeal the final decision and such appeal should be sent in writing to the Chair of KYTA.  The Chair of KYTA will submit to the Appeals Committee.

If you have an issue you’d like to discuss with someone, please send an email to