PART PAID PART SEVA – initially for 6 months

KYTA is currently looking for a SOCIAL MEDIA & MARKETING OFFICER to serve the organisation and the community of Kundalini Yoga teachers in the UK. The role will be on a self-employed basis working from home.

You will be a Kundalini Yoga teacher, very active in the sangat and with your ear firmly on the ground about related events and occasions and with the ability to nurture networks and relationships with active members of the sangat, teacher trainers, schools and studios.
You will curate and produce content and manage a team of sevadars who will produce and post daily on three platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You will work with the Digital Officer and meet and liaise regularly with the Committee for content ideas and requirements

• Ideally you will have digital marketing know how including knowledge of community building across Facebook, Twitter and lnstagram
• Be a creative and competent writer
• Be an ideas person who can keep all KYTA content fresh and inspiring across all platforms and media

• PART PAID PART SEVA for 6 months
• 4 hours seva monthly
• Additional maximum of 8 paid hours @£15ph.
• MAXIMUM PAID £120pcm
• anything above 12 hours will also be considered seva

• Liaise with committee to create KYTA related content e.g. videos with committee members, posts on specific topics etc, items from the newsletters etc.
• Curate content
• Produce Content Schedule of regular content to post on Facebook, lnstagram and Twitter
• Manage the social media team of sevadars & oversee their posts
• Work with Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Audition or other multimedia editing applications
• Promote KYTA and events via social media – on own platforms and others
• Nurture network for PR opportunities such as OM Magazine, Kundalini Times etc.
• Work with GBKYF to promote festival and KYTA association
• Write digital press releases
• Support committee members with promotion for events such as OM Show, KYTA Conference etc
• Liaise with Social Media Communities Producer to coordinate efforts
• Liaise with Webmaster to create news pages and promote events via Website
• Liaise with Newsletter Producer to promote events in newsletter.

email by 25th NOVEMBER with your CV and a few paragraphs about why you would like the position