22 A MUTATIONAL MOMENT We know the time is now! But for what?

As with each year, readers are reminded not to take this text as a prophecy of what is to come. It is a creative reflection of some relevant themes for the year 2022. These themes are based on the Applied Science of Spiritual Numerology (Karam Kriya). Each year the last number changes. Where there was the unit 1 in 2021 there is now a 2 as in 2022. All the considerations for the year ahead stem from there.

What is in a number? Everything and nothing. There would be no world without numbers. Billions of people agree it is 2022. The presence of the number, combined with the collective agreement brings about its own effect.

Each number has its unique vibration and may manifest in karmic or dharmic phenomena (virus or virtue). The particular manifestations depends on each of us, not on the number itself. In other words, 2 remains simply 2. Many pages could be written about each number’s qualities and associations. Here are just a few selected indications considered most relevant for the times we live in.

Number 2:
A seed, number 1, moves to become roots, number 2. It is a year to give attention to the roots of existence. Separation from the roots or nourish the roots. This is a daily and practical matter. Otherwise we are left with a deep emptiness and sorrow that nothing in this world can satisfy. In which case we continue to live a lifestyle that separates bodies from the soul, source, soil and essence of life. It also produces a mental duality that draws us towards, even collective, suicidal tendencies. Social, political, moral and religious polarisation leading to all out global conflict; number 6. The alternative is taking care of our most essential needs; what we really need. Eliminating superfluous needs; what we believe we need. Be confronted by our polar opposite and learn to dance. Number 2 is related to detox, cleaning out, eliminating the unwanted and unnecessary. Not to be left with emptiness but rather to open up the space for the soul’s natural longing to express itself.

21 changes to become 22. 2+2 = 4. The 2 sits next to another 2.

A double negative. The 4, consisting of the double 2, suggests a time to reduce dependencies on global systems and invest in local communities and collaborative projects. Number 4 is associated to the heart’s inner, neutral, stress free zone. It is from within that we must find what we search so desperately for in the world of shopping malls, casinos, tourist attractions and social media. From within, the cup of the heart, 4, can hold the 2 and mature it from oppositional polarisation to a poetic dance of polarities.

The shift from 21/3 to 22/4 represents the journey from the navel to the heart, from the animal to the human and from the individual and personal focus to a community sensitivity. From what is often a victim based story to the painful medicine of the bitter truth. From the outward activity to the inner sensitivity. The karmic dynamic of 22/4 is mental duality endlessly feeding, and feeding off, doubt. A never ending dilemma of ‘either/or’, which paralyses and makes decision impossible. In that way people default to, and comply with, the social norm, regardless of what truth may actually be.

We will either be in the heart’s confusion or the heart’s decision. Society will dive into an ever deeper divide if we do not find the sense of human solidarity. And that comes from the human heart, where the intuitive awareness of We-in-Me awakens. Your suffering is my suffering, your struggle is my struggle. Nothing is right or wrong, but everything has a consequence. We are beings sharing the same world and breathing the same air.

Let’s take a walk through some of the Either/Or dilemmas:

Either – there is global warming Or – there is an ice age coming.
Either – it is time to panic Or – stay in blind faith, but in what?
Either – WW III is under way Or – the New Age is truly here.
Either – everything will soon go back to normal Or – humanity is in the most radical mutational moment since many thousands of years.
Either – there is a secret society running the show Or – we are all equally confused as each other
Either – we, the governments, others, are not doing enough
Or – relax, everyone is doing the best they can.
Either – everyone must shut up and take the medicine otherwise we are all going to die Or – stop, the medicine is killing us all.
Either – it is right, and time, to join the riot, be out on the streets, scream and shout Or – better to be silently present and aware, ready for when the surface noise dies away.
Either – we are paralysed and bound by the hypnotic effect of social media Or – we are becoming motivated, moved and mobilised to stir the winds of change. And so on, and so on…
Either none of this is true
Or all of it is true; or it is neither true or untrue. And no one knows what to do!

All this can result in more introverted closure, shutting off, locking down. Contraction through self-consuming doubt. Or we withdraw into a nuclear intensity that will, at any moment, burst into sudden explosive outcomes, which is one quality of number 6 (2022).

From spiritual insight it is generally understood that the inner battle (number 4) must be settled before there will be progress in the outer battlefield.

The heart tends to be confused and remains in doubt. Overlayed with memories of past betrayals. Over-ridden by the mind’s arrogance and self-important beliefs/stories. Undermined by fearful emotional patterns rising up from cellular memories. All this, and more, paralyses the voice of the heart. Resulting in apathy and default mode of the compliant majority. Too often has humanity been forced into consciousness and change by crisis and tragedy. And the reaction is usually inappropriate, too little and/or too late.

What chance does the heart have to hear its own quiet but true voice?
We are each responsible to resolve our own inner state. To unpeel, dissolve, transform and reshape the innermost space. So that the deepest cry of the soul (it is not a cry of pain or horror) can release itself from the chamber of the true spiritual heart. Empowered by healthy instinct, backed up by applied intelligence, and called forth by faith based upon informed intuition. It will be a cry of gratitude and wonder.

Based on the combination of 2, 4 (22) and 6 (2022) we may well be reaching the climax of this current Either/Or moment whereby truths become revealed and decisions will be demanded. The unfolding consequences will impact the course of humanity and the planet for many years to come.

Number 4 also is associated to the state of prayer. There is prayer in which we ask for things. For blessings, protection, forgiveness, healing, compassion, and peace. There is prayer in which we give thanks, expressing our gratitude for the gifts of life. For the abundance, the small miracles, the new day, the beauty and other delights. Then there is prayer in which we celebrate and praise the giver of the gifts, the giver of life itself.

Life however, also has its losses. The giver also takes back. All things return to their source. We are at risk of harbouring wounds born of this death of life, beauty turning grey, pleasure leading to pain, health decays into sickness, flowers fall to the ground, people we love depart, bodies become dust. This results In a subconscious state of disappointment. A deeply buried sense of betrayal towards the giver. In which case we flatly refuse to focus on praising the unknown driving force behind the wheel of life and death. Yet exactly that praise is what will set us free from the hypnotic trap of the shallow, short term, view of life and ourselves. To live by the dharmic quality of the number 4 requires that we acknowledge ourselves as spirit having the human experience. It is as spirit that we can choose our attitude and live with a sense of destiny. This is how we win the battle of the heart.

Those who have true faith in their minds, continually behold the Glory of the continually behold the Glory of the Master/SwamiMaster/Swami; ; they are forever happy and blissful.they are forever happy and blissful. 5th house Guru Arjun SGGS ang/p677

2022 sums up to 6: Fear and Faith line up on the frontline.

“The ghosts are laughing loudly in the battlefield, the elephants are soiling in dust and the horses are roaming without riders.’’ Guru Gobind Singh, Bachittar Natak in Dasam Granth P 162

Amongst other qualities the number 6, represented in the Human Arc-Line (Halo), is the number of the Spiritual Warrior. It is the domain of the collective tension between fear fear and faithfaith. Collective because the arc-line is exterior to the physical body, projecting into a space we share. Freedom, justice and responsibility are examples of collective themes.
Note: Fear Fear in this text below refers to all the mundane multiplicities of worldly, material, emotional and mental projections that can ever be imagined, and which do nothing but consume us and weaken our faith. This is distinct from the empowering holy sacred divine fear that is truly in service of human alertness, awakening and remembering of who we really are, which, calls upon grace, informing and strengthening intuitive faith. And faith faith here is not implying naïve blind belief, nor acceptance in the form of resignation. Rather is implied faith as a state of being. Unclouded by the mundane games of the mind. Being in presence, clarity, available and responsive.

Fear fights against freedom, responsibility, consciousness and clarity.
Faith fights for truth, justice, beauty and freedom.
Fear comes from waking up too late and feeds on lies, conflict and social tensions.
Faith pre-senses the storm ahead, confronts the lie and breathes the Spirit.
Let’s enter the warzone:
Let’s enter the warzone:
Fear and Faith come face to face. Drawing their swords they enter the battle.
Fear attempts to force its influence.
Faith, a host of spiritual warriors, suddenly storm the space. A fission of nuclear extent, explosive and fearless.
The fear fear barometer escalates.
Spontaneous awakening meets the terror.
Fear and shock freeze the breath. Fearsome faithfaith stirs a storm of sincerity.
Fear starts a riot. Loud, chaotic and confusing. Faith Faith brings a different shock. Clearing the air so we may breathe freely again.
Fear fans the flames of conflict. Turning sister against sister. Faith Faith fights on with the weapon of truth. Reality confronts us all in the end
Fear runs ahead. Catching beings in its grip with paralysing surprise. Faith Faith beings belongs to those pre-sensing beings that remain ahead of time. Presenting their presence in the present, They become the surprise.
Fear, impostor, imposing a false sense of moral responsibility; shallow and short term. Intuitive faith faith blows a steady breeze. Destined for victory in the long term. Responsive to the call of justice.
Fear demands deep denial of the spirit. Faith Faith sustains loyalty to your own soul.
Fear silences the soul’s integrity. Faith Faith holds the sacred secret.
Fear is neither human or Divine. An alien creature. Spreading anxiety and anguish into the mind field. Faith Faith – a warrior woman. Formidable presence. Triumphantly impactful.
Fear, concerned only for itself, preserved in a silent scream; stifling, suffocating, suffering.
Faith maintains a silent dignity as its fearless battle cry. Setting free the suppressed. Releasing the consciousness from kidnap.
Fear cuts off its own head. Bloody mess everywhere.
Faith, like the sharp surgeon’s knife, in service of those who have no voice, accurately removes the tumour of panic
Says Faith “The darker the night, The brighter the light”

Time has come to be a living prayer. A prayerful presence in the present.
Awakening the prayer in the heart of others.

Needles of fear numbingly stun into unconscious.
Piercing arrows of clarity, the light sabre of consciousness, cuts through the darkness, slashes through the ignorance. Smashing the demons of mind´s distraction. Setting alight dormant songs of glory.
A million suns arise – Awake! Awake! Awake!

“Whoever has faith in the Fearless Name (of God), O my soul – all their enemies and attackers speak against them in vain”. The 4th House Guru Ram Das SGGS Ang/p540

No more waiting for role models.
Express your true being. Even through your silence.
Breathe faith faith into your lungs. And from there let it enter into your blood.
Circulate faith faith in every cell as you exhale.
Be present as a breeze and set the sails of awareness.
Let your life have meaningful impact upon the environments.
Channel the energy of fear fear Into creative investment in an alternative future.
Social projects, nature projects, community projects. Join with other communities. Don’t fight against the past. Advocate for the future, and be for each other
The balance of things has its own moment. The scales of Universal Justice never lie.
Do not hesitate to follow the sequence that your heart determines. Truth cannot fail.

‘’we are fighting for a righteous cause – our right to live with honour and in peace – and not for the sake of self-glory or rule over others.’’ The 6th house Guru Har Gobind Singh 1595 – 1644

2,4 and and 6 all feminine numbers6 all feminine numbers. The future is feminine. future is feminine. The future is now. When women are in polarised position and not in communion with each other, then the world is in conflict. When women collectively confront the drama and call out “STOP” this will be the beginning of peace on earth
4 and 6 relate to the air element, the thymus gland and the lungs. Conscious deep breathing can greatly support your immune system.

2 is water element. 6 is the battle. we already have seen, and will see more, conflicts over water. 2022 may bring that fight to a new level. Let us not fight over the very air we breathe.

2020 → 2021 → 2022
2020 = 4 = Choices and Commitments.
The implosion, lockdown, go within. Nuclear fusion forms the bud of the future.
2021 = 5 = Transition and transmutation.
Communication; bridges or walls. Thresholds are crossed. There is no turning back.
2022 = 6 = Consequences. The explosion. The balloon bursts. The flower blossoms

2022 Consists of 3 x 2
2 = No, Negative Mind, X 3 = No, No, No. Triple Negative.
The negative negates the double negative. Or the double negative (22) negates the negative (2000)
Deep weeping. Rainstorm of tears. Painful trauma tears met with tears from the cup of love.

If the individual soul has faith faith in the Supreme Soul, in the Supreme Soul, then it shall obtain realization then it shall obtain realization within its own home.3rd house Guru Amardas SGGS ang/p87 Siri Raag

Let devotional faith faith be the distilling fire, and your love the ceramic cup. be the distilling fire, and your love the ceramic cup. Thus the sweet nectar of life is sweet nectar of life is distilled. ||1||1st house Guru Naanak SGGS ang/p360-6, Aasa Raag