KYTA Open Forum for Members  & AGM 2021

If you feel passionate about belonging to a Kundalini yoga group, if you have a clear vision for the future, if you’d like you to get radically stuck in and bring us forward into the future then


KYTA is looking for:
• Chair
• Finance Officer
• Digital/Website person
• Any ideas for innovation and improvement 

Please find all the information and job descriptions here. 

As you all know, 2020 has begun a time like no other and we are well and truly transitioning into the Age of Aquarius with all the excitement, upsets, changes and challenges it brings.

We’ve all struggled to get to grips with many things on all different levels; from the allegations and associated fallout from Yogi Bhajan to teaching online or choosing not to, to seeing our lives radically restructured in many ways.

KYTA has not been immune to this and is also feeling deep transformational forces. The Committee had seen a significant drop in income, whilst not being able to cut our necessary expenditure to match. The primary fall in income has been from Members not renewing, as well as loss of Royalty payments.

Unfortunately, we will not survive the year financially unless we can find a way to secure more revenue. We’d love some input from you, our valued Members, the very reason why KYTA was set up in the first place, to see us through and help us through the changes ahead.



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