My spiritual name is Satjit; The Lion who’s truth is everlasting, the Lion who’s victory prevails. When Yogi Bhajan gave me this name just before his passing I was intimidated.  It sounded very grandiose and way beyond my emotional and spiritual capacity at that time. My truth prevails? Well OK then, I’d better step up then and walk the walk if I am ever going to be this Satjit persona! It was only when the deep connection with the Naad and the Gong came into my life that I realised that I was to become a teacher of truth through vibration. Gongs cannot lie; they connect us to higher states of consciousness and when wielded correctly become a bridge to a place of ascension. The Lion that is Satjit still plays for me whenever I run a Gong event and he is my deep-seated truth and path to spirit.

My first experience of Kundalini Yoga was with Guru Singh from America in Carolyn Cowen‘s house in Camberwell.  I had never worked and connected with myself in a Yogic way and having breathed into my Hara consciously for the first time I opened a  door into a way of being that has been with me ever since.  I am eternally grateful to my sister Jill for introducing me to Carolyn and to Carolyn for her friendship and love over all these years.

Shiv Charan Singh was my first teacher and trainer. I had him up on a pedestal for a long time but over the years realised that this separation was merely my own ego keeping me from getting close to myself. A defining moment was my first class held one weekend during the Karam Kriya training module.  I was very anxious and I kept messing up, such were my nerves. Shiv said to me calmly, ‘Just do an impersonation of a Yoga teacher then you’ll be fine’. I was indignant. ‘That would be cheating’ I said. ‘Who says it’s cheating? Replied Shiv, smiling. In that moment of permission and freedom, I let go of my judge and my critic and did a flawless impersonation of a great teacher and much to much to my delight everyone loved it. Shiv, whose name means knife cut through my procrastination and got me to my hidden truth, without these self-sabotaging parts I was able to shine. My ‘act’ was a vehicle to finding who Satjit really was. Thank you Shiv for poking and provoking!

Being an Aquarian teacher means always being in the flow of something that is going somewhere. That ‘somewhere’ is our Aquarian identity. As we consciously evolve we step up and begin to question the doctrines and rules of the Piscean Age and it’s 2000 year legacy we change. Uranus, which rules the Aquarian paradigm, has always been the planet of revolution. As a teacher, I am offering my students the opportunity to go inside and question the building blocks to their emotions and their mind, and to realise that sometimes things have to be torn down or discarded in order to grow. Change is inevitable so now we must be the change we want to see in the world.

My full-time work as a Gong Master, Yoga teacher, healer and Guide takes me to many different countries and I encounter many different teachers and students through teaching Gong and Gong Yoga. I get results by blessings those around me to do what they are good at, I teach them not to be too rigid but to get into the detail of each Kriya and meditation.  People want to know exactly what is going on and what to do.  It’s the Aquarian way to question and so if you offer up detailed information people are more likely to get it and get into it. It seems that when I was teaching 15 years ago things were more difficult, now everyone seems more open to receive and engage. These are indeed interesting times!

A few years back I had a filling and with my sensitive teeth, I had to have four injections to deaden the pain. That night after a successful filling I tried to sleep but was progressively wracked by excruciating pain. A short phone call later to the NHS and my wife drove me to A&E where I was quickly diagnosed as having Kidney stones. The pain from Kidney stones are greater than childbirth, this was told to me by a nurse who had experience both situations. If it wasn’t for some VERY focused meditative breathing into my belly I think I would have passed out. A very practical application of pranayama!

I run classes every Wednesday evening at 8PM from my Yoga studio at my home in Trottiscliffe, North Kent. I hold Full Moon Gong baths from there as well.  I also host Gong baths from a variety of venues in and around the South East. Gong practitioner trainings are run every quarter in the UK as well as Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.

Sat Nam and Gong based blessings!
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