Online Members’ Meeting

An opportunity for members to connect and share experiences

Next meeting
Thursday, 4 April 2019 – 7-8.30pm
Theme: Making Friends With Social Media
You will receive a  Zoom link following registration

Social Media can be a really useful tool to help connect with students and teachers and to deliver your message in your own unique way.

  • Have you mastered the art of scheduling your social media so it does eat up too much of your time? Or are you perhaps feeling a little overwhelmed by it all?
  • Have you had to deal with confrontational responses or discussions on Facebook or other platforms? How did you deal with this and what did you learn that could help others?
  • Do you use social media in innovative ways to reach your audience online?

Learn from your fellow teachers and share your experiences. Social media consultant and committee member Preetam Kaur will also be available to share some tips.

  • We will begin with tuning in, then a brief group pranayam to connect us, before introducing the KYTA representatives.
  • Then we will move onto the main topic
  • There will be limited time for members’ general questions.
  • We will conclude with a discussion short about these meetings and how they can support teachers.
  • We will be taking notes and recording audio and video. These will be sent via member’s mail out soon after the meeting.


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