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You will receive a  Zoom link following registration

Historically, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Associations around the world have received a share of royalties from training schools. There are signs that this may be about to change. We would, therefore, like to invite you the members to an open forum between all of us to discuss how we move forward in building community and maintaining a revenue stream and how KYTA can channel these streams to best serve you, our members.

This is an opportunity to share how you would like KYTA to work for you. We would like to hear your opinions, your questions, and your ideas!

Participate as much or as little as you wish

  • All attendees can join the meeting live with either video or audio microphones, or both OFF. (i.e in secret/hidden). You can choose to be seen or heard, or neither.
  • You may also be present in the space and partake, either via audio or video when you choose
  • You can also contribute by simply typing in the text box – your questions and suggestions will then be relayed by the chairperson to the rest of the participants. 
Don’t have Zoom? Follow these three steps

We would like to hear your opinions, your questions, and your ideas!

  • We will begin with tuning in, then a brief group pranayam to connect us, before introducing the KYTA representatives.
  • Then we will move onto the main topic
  • There will be limited time for members’ general questions.
  • We will conclude with a discussion short about these meetings and how they can support teachers.
  • We will be taking notes and recording audio and video. These will be sent via member’s mail out soon after the meeting.


There will also be limited time for addressing two or three KYTA related questions and suggestions *that are sent in advance*.
Are there any questions you would like to ask at the meeting?
If so please let us know as there will not be an open forum for questions in this meeting. (optional)

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