KYTA | Online Meetings 2019

Online Meetings 2019

We hope that by connecting in this way we can support each other in our journeys and meet teachers around the country. You can register for the next meeting here.

March: Living Life As A Teacher

This month our focus was “Living Life As A Teacher”. We all share similar experiences as teachers and by talking to each other and sharing we can feel supported and encouraged and may also learn a thing or two to help us on our way.

What is everyday life like for you now that you are a teacher?
How has the path opened to you? How have the people
you’ve met supported you and how have you overcome blocks? 

January: Creating Sangat

In January we spoke about he challenges and opportunities we each face as teachers building a local sangat of teachers and of students. 

Have you set up a community in your area? How did you do it and what did you learn?
Would you like ideas on how to create a
sangat of students?
Are you wondering how to connect to other teachers in your area?
Have you got a success story and have you got tips for others?

Tips on building Sangat

  • Teach in existing studios, as there is already a community with an interest in Yoga/meditation
  • Attend different events with different groups, make friends
  • Encourage your students to do Teacher Training
  • Advertise and have events and small gatherings
  • Do a 40 day Kriya/meditation with a different teacher each day
  • Host Aquarian Sadhana (and breakfast)
  • Offer Yogi tea after classes, give people a chance to talk & connect
  • Make yourself available after classes
  • Use Facebook
  • If in a rural community and people have to travel far, host a workshop or longer event
  • Have gatherings where everyone can bring food to share
  • Talk to people about your passion/enthusiasm for Kundalini Yoga, put yourself out there
  • Keep in touch with your Level 1 (and Level 2, etc) peers
  • Go to other Teachers classes
  • Put on workshops with other Teachers, put classes rotation
  • Do networking, share ideas, socialise
  • Do Seva for KY events