Hand in hand with the practice of Kundalini Yoga is the use of the sacred gong. Used in most classes by trained practitioners it has been an integral part of a Kundalini Yoga lesson for many years.

International Gong Master and Kundalini Yoga teacher Mark Swan-Satjit Singh says of it, ‘In utilising the sacred sound current of these amazing instruments we move closer to a higher state of consciousness and enlightenment. When there is no mind or ego but just pure vibration, we are given the opportunity to merge, surrender and ascend’.

Gongs have been used all over the world in spiritual practices for more than 4000 years. They were originally hand cast and crafted using bronze and other metals, amongst them Gold and silver as well as more exotic materials like iron meteorites. Their principal purpose was to punctuate the beginning and endings of ceremonies and rituals and to banish negative energy. Today the manufacturing of gongs has taken the process to new heights and players and sound healers are treated to all kinds of highly sophisticated and beautiful versions.

A gong bath, or sound healing, is a process whereby the participant is literally bathed in sound. Usually received lying on one’s back in a meditative state, it takes the listener to a deep and relaxing place. It produces all sorts of positive sensations in the body and helps clear and align our chakras, energy fields and soothes and calms our minds.
Mark runs two gong practitioners courses, please check his website for more information.
Mark Swan, Satjit Singh