Starchild Yoga Teacher Training is a 50-hour course, which certifies adults to teach Kundalini Yoga to children from 2 – 18. The strength of this course lies in its educational path. This is an education for peace, using the beauty of yoga, with a conscious and down to earth approach to being with children that brings peace, joy and health to those who embrace it. Merging the Montessori philosophy with Kundalini yoga creates a profound platform for positive change. This course will make you think about how you are with children and how to bring them to health and happiness. Working with the physical body, while using positive and inspiring communication, offers an easy-to-digest method for children to follow. Learning this way is simple and effective and progress is inevitable.

Siri Arti is the creator and lead trainer of this course. With over 25 years experience in working with children, Siri Arti is passionate about her work. Raising her own two star children, she loves sharing life with hundreds of children, being both fully involved as well as observing them from a distance in order to learn. She is a qualified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher, with extensive qualifications to support her work in the field. Take a look at the Starchild website for more information
This course is registered with both KYTA and Yoga Alliance UK