Level 3 Teacher Training: Teacher – Realization
Level 3 Teacher Training has been in development for some years now, and a beta-testing group launched in France at Chateau Anand in August 2015. Level Three is being designed as a uniquely personal journey to the Self and to one’s personally authentic identity as a teacher based on 3 qualities:

I. Spiritual Maturity: To develop an authentic fully integrated presence as Teacher, achieved through self-reflection, spiritual lifestyle practices and peer dialogue support.

II. Meditative Mind: To cultivate and refine one’s meditative mind, as achieved through focused application of specific Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditation practices individually and in intensive group practices.

III. Selfless Service/Seva: To develop an ongoing attitude of Seva/Selfless Service. To align individual passion, purpose and destiny towards building and serving the community.
More information about Level 3 will be available soon. Visit the Kundalini Research Insitute website for updates.