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I’m not sure how other women on the yogic path managed this but this has certainly been a working progress for me, and I know it has been for some of my yogi sisters too.

I was able to embrace the armpit hair fiercely, I felt like a wild woman, I really don’t like the word ‘sexy’, but for me armpit hair looked and felt sexy

Argh but hairy legs potentially this process had been easier for me because I was single, and maybe if you’re in a long-term relationship or with a fellow yogi they ‘get it’.

But I remember dating a guy and feeling mortified that he would see my hairy legs. Although I persevered with the hairy legs, I felt inside embarrassed and almost ashamed. When I investigated this further within myself, I was actually only ashamed because I had been conditioned to believe hair on your body was unattractive, unhygienic, unladylike. And what I realised was my insecurities kept coming back to what men thought of me. Another layer to dissolve.

The turning point for me really came this year whilst on my yoga retreat, the rest of the crew are men, and we spent a lot of time together in bathing suits. I chose not to shave and stay true to my beliefs…and you know what… Not one of them battered an eye lid. Maybe because their French and more laid back about this kind of thing? I’d be interested to know.

I had a kunda sister there with me and we embraced the hairy legs together. Sangat’s there to support, and for sure it helped not going it alone.


I recently read a blog about another yogini’s experience around this same issue, it said:

“I have not embraced body hair. To be honest I haven’t tried. In particular the thought of letting my lady garden go wild would be a huge challenge for me, and especially the first time I got naked with someone. I would feel – mortified, ashamed.  I am a feminist and a yogi and I know of the health and energetic benefits to letting your hair grow, yet still, I cannot do it. Why? Conditioning of course. My hope is that the new generation takes this on and that one day people will look back and think how weird it was that women got rid of body hair at all.”

My lady garden is pretty wild these days, I mean we’re not hiring out the hedge trimmers just yet haha. But I do  feel secure in my body, so it isn’t an issue.


So your maybe wondering why it is advised to keep hair in Kundalini Yoga? Well my understanding is that for a start we do our best to accept the way God made us, I’m not going to lie, I’m not perfect and choose to sort my eyebrows out (when I remember ), and I’m blessed not to have a mustache, but I can’t honestly say if I did I could embrace it.

Our hair is an extension of our nervous system, it’s so important for keeping our nervous system strong and healthy, which is also key in containing the Kundalini energy. That hair acts as our antennas into the environment, it balances our Aura and picks up on vibrations all around, strengthening our intuition. This supports us to pick up on the energy around us. I read in a book once that shaving pubic hair comes from a patriarchal idealization so that women’s vaginas look more like that of young girls. In fact in modern time the whole shaving thing just began as a fashion. Hollywood started it and the rest of the western world followed.

In this Aquarian Age, I’m down for being part of another fashion, a revolution! The hairy wild woman revolution. I suppose the more of us that embrace the hair, the more ‘normal’ it becomes, and the easier it is for all women to embrace. How much of an issue it is, really depends on us taking ownership, when we feel secure in ourselves the world can’t rock us.

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