Glasgow Level 1 Teacher Training

The Sahej Level 1 Teacher Training in Glasgow begins in September 2019 . This course is an adventure into your own consciousness, aswell as a Teacher Qualification .
The training is an opportunity for self development, through establishing yourself in a dynamic practice of yoga and meditation. It is a chance to commit to your own transformation through the teachings , the group process and support of qualified and experienced teachers, so that you can discover your truth and impact the world with your own
unique light and gifts .
The training begins in September , in Glasgow . For more information, please go to

Event Type: Teacher Training

Start Date: Sep 13, 2019

End Date: Jun 11, 2019

Address: The Old Barn, Glasgow, UK

City: Glasgow

State: Glasgow City

Zip Code: Scotland G41 4SN

Country: United Kingdom

Additional Dates:

Hours: 9am - 9pm

Cost: £



Phone: 07707160271


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