Kundalini Yoga Classes Woodbridge Suffolk – drop ins always welcome

Fun, dynamic & incredibly transformative, Kundalini yoga combines movement, breath (pranayama), sound (mantra & music) & meditation. As well as stretching out your muscles, it focusses on supporting and balancing your glandular and nervous systems. Kundalini exercises also clear and balance the energy centres – chakras – in your body.
This ancient technology will give your body, mind and soul a complete workout. Learn the art of self-healing, elevation and relaxation and be enabled to live a life of positivity, endurance and courage.
Drop ins always welcome

Event Type: Weekly Class

Start Date: Jul 05, 2019

End Date: Aug 09, 2019

Address: Woodbridge Methodist Church St John's Street

City: Woodbridge

State: Suffolk

Zip Code: IP12 1ED

Country: UK

Additional Dates:

Hours: Friday mornings 10 - 11.30 am

Cost: £

Website: bodybreathe.co.uk


Phone: 07828735073


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