April 26, 2020

To everyone in our community who did not attend the Khalsa Council Meetings:

Sat Nam Dear Family,

As you may have heard, a hugely significant conversation took place at the Khalsa Council meetings on Saturday, April 25th. Many Second Generation members of our family bravely, from their heart shared their personal experiences in our community. Their stories were raw, painful, and very heartfelt.

The Siri Singh Sahib Corporation is committed to taking this opportunity to critically examine our community’s history, to learn from it, and to help improve our community moving forward. We also recognize that we have a responsibility to provide a safe space for people to speak openly and honestly about their own experiences, to facilitate healing, and to support and uplift every member of our community.

We recognize that not everybody was able to participate in this spontaneous sharing and not all those who were present were able to share within the time constraints. We are taking steps to ensure we hear from all those voices we have not yet heard from, to allow stories to be shared and to receive your input on how we move forward.

We are grateful for those who raised their voices in the Khalsa Council, we recognize their bravery, and we look forward to hearing more of those voices. Our community bonds are strengthened the more we deeply listen to, hear from, and support each other.

We look forward to these conversations and to hearing from those who would like to be heard.

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