“Numbers are the dust of the spiritual path on which we all walk.

Informed by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and developed by Shiv Charan Singh, Karam Kriya works with the universal intelligence of numbers; the essence behind all reference systems. It is a unique approach to negotiating change and facilitating the journey of the soul in delivering itself through the mediums of time and space.

Each number is like a piece of a puzzle in our life. As the magic and mystery of the numbers reveal themselves, so the puzzle of our life can be explored and uncovered, and the potential for a different picture or story unfolds so we can naturally and kindly let go of our soul-demoting habits and instead be guided from our intuition – inner tutor – in harmony with our soul’s purpose.

Within this unfolding story, Karam Kriya offers the opportunity to understand the influence of the law of karma and through this learning we can render our history transparent and give life to dharma.
Karam Kriya is not a modern concept; it is an ancient one. With numbers we can perceive various maps of time and space through which we can obtain a clearer sense of proportion and perspective. These cosmologies of time and space provide the windows through which the relationship between the specific personal life and the universal governing principles can meet in a creative harmony.

The Court of Karam Kriya has 4 doors through which to enter and to engage in a holistic way: the universal principles as outlined by Guru Nanak in the Mool Mantra, the virtues of the 10 Sikh Gurus, the 10 Spiritual Bodies as taught in Kundalini Yoga and the integrity and intelligence of numbers themselves.

The study of numbers through life and life through numbers can be explored personally and collectively, within workshops focusing on different life themes, and through one-to-one consultations where an individual’s date of birth offers an insight into their life map or personal blueprint – supporting each person to engage consciously with their full potential in life and providing a personal, professional and spiritual health check. For further information, articles and resources take a look at the Karam Kriya website

“Let The Numbers Guide You” by Shiv Charan Singh written in 2003 is available via Sat Nam Versand or Amazon UK

Diagram by Shiv Charan Singh
Diagram by Shiv Charan Singh