Choosing to wear my turban in my daily life was a pretty BIG decision for me, it took alot of comtemplation and courage.

I’ve had comments from ‘you look radiant’ to ‘it makes you look old’. And today, someone asked me ‘why do you wear that thing on your head?’ With each of these comments I initially felt a pang of emotion – joy, anger, embarrassment. As a Yogi, I’m training to allow such emotions to wash through me like the flowing river.

Every person thinks and acts based on their experiences and perception.

If we are constantly reacting to other people’s points of view and perceptions about who we are, we give them a tremendous amount of power over our energy and how we feel about ourself.

These negative comments have the power to ruin your whole day if you let them, unless you’ve developed enough self awareness to know, the only person’s opinion that matters about you… IS YOU!

When I was younger such comments would have really hurt my feelings, but now I realise, just because certain people have opinions about things, doesn’t mean they are right, does it?

What’s important is how you feel about yourself ? dive into the pool of self love, and develop the relationship with yourself and your soul.

People who judge you are really judging themselves, and if you rely on positive feedback to make yourself feel good, that’s because really you feel insecure. So I ask you – how can YOU make YOU feel secure and loved?

I wear my head covering because it reminds me of my identity and values as a Yogi, I feel more connected to the teachings and embody them. I’m protected from all that negative ass energy flying about, it helps me to concentrate, focus and live in the present moment.

Im so lucky I’ve developed enough self awareness to recognise how I feel in times of challenge, to breath through it and let it pass. Choosing not to allow the clouded perceptions of others to dampen my beautiful bright shining light.

Yogi Bhajan said ‘I have nothing else to say except happiness is a birthright and tranquillity, peace, and grace are the environments of it. It comes when your soul is your beloved, and your mind is your servant.’

Yogi Bhajan on covering your head

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