<![CDATA[Oh, innocence. How blissful it feels to have found you. You were there all along, underneath the shelves of confusion, boxes of painful memories and blanket of shadows, there you were.
Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio.
One of the reasons I love Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, the teachings are one of the vessels that guide my consciousness from darkness to light.
Yogi Bhajan said that “Man suffers for one reason, he loses his innocence. When you lose your innocence, you end up with disputes. The idea of this yoga is to regain your innocence. So that the universal consciousness will serve you and maintain you. When your doubts are gone, then your fears will be gone and all of your experiences will be ones of happiness.”
He said that when you lose your innocence you start to hustle and bustle to get on in life, and I contemplated, what led me to lose my innocence, and how can I tap back into that energy. I committed to a 40 Sadhana of the meditation to remove haunting thoughts. As I mentally travelled back in time, I experienced a lot of resistance, tears….. and forgiveness. As the days went by I found the dim light of innocence inside illuminate into a radiant sun, as I practised the art of forgiveness, of myself and others, I was surprised at how difficult I found it. But my soul knew it was necessary to gain freedom. Immersing myself in forgiving compassionate love, I nurtured my wounded heart. Which helped me to see firstly myself, and then others in innocence.
Now every day I wake up and feel blessed to live in innocence, of course like any habit it must be given reaffirming attention, so I consciously value innocence throughout the day and remind myself  “the entire greatness of the universe lies in innocence, innocence is living truth”-  Yogi Bhajan. I visualise myself as “the sparrow, as it freely wings through the heavens overhead, in innocence and in trust, it glides upon the wind supported in all things wherever it goes” – Claire Heartsong 2002.
Devajeet Kaur
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