recorded at the Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival, Reading – Thursday 2nd June 2022

As the changes continue all around us, the world longs for peace in our communities and in our daily lives. In this Conference we asked what is peace and how do we move towards a more harmonious world?

We would like to thank all those that attended and to express our appreciation for supporting KYTA’s development with your ideas and energy. You can hear the Conference here, click below to forward to each chapter. If you are not a member we invite you to support the work we do with a donation of £5 or more.

00:00 – Intro
06:09 – Katherine Tetlow
36:45 – Shiv Charan Singh
01:28:00 – Fateh Singh
01:43:31 – Fateh Singh meditation
02:13:18 – End


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Katherine Tetlow set the scene with a captivating talk on the universal principles around peace that apply to all of us regardless of faith or beliefs. Shiv Charan Singh instigated a discussion around these subjects from the perspective of the Kundalini Yoga community. Fateh Singh ended the discussion with a profound look at inner peace within the individual followed by a meditation.

Following the Conference we held the Open Member’s Forum. The Chair reported on this years activities. Daya Kaur, Community Liaison spoke about her work with IKYTA, NKYTAs and 3HO and Preetam Kaur rounded up the Digital and Communications work and instigated a discussion on the future of KYTA. 


“Living as a practising liberal and inclusive Christian I am wide open to the wisdom of all true faiths. For many years I have run groups exploring consciousness, contemporary issues, new forms, and the inner spiritual journey of crossing thresholds.”

Katherine trained in academic theology, human psychology and community development. Since 1983 she has worked in psychotherapy and spiritual accompaniment, working holistically – physically, energetically, psychologically dealing with trauma, and also spirituality.


”Peace within the community will echo deep within each individual member as well as vibrate out into the wider world. Every conversation we have can lead us further into conflict or closer to peace. Let’s be together and share the passage to peace”



The road to peace starts within us all, as individuals. It begins with the will to change and ends when the experience of separation, of alienation from ourselves and from each other, dissolves within the heart. This can be the journey of a lifetime. Or of many lifetimes. But there is no reason to despair when we do not arrive at some perfect destination. For every step along the way is a blessing for ourselves. And a gift to others.

Fateh is Project Manager for the Guru Ram Das Project and a student of Tantric Buddhism and Anthroposophy.