“Spirit is truth and true justice, say it with infinite love. People beg and pray, give to us, give to us, and the giver of all keep giving.” Japji.
Many of us are driven by the desires of the ego. Constantly seeking the gratification that will make us feel whole, although we all know the ultimate treasures lie within. However, desires arise, and we pray for God to meet our needs.
Yogi Bhajan taught “desire to deserve”.
This teaching interested me because it puts the responsibility on me, it empowers me to invest in my yogic practice and I trust that the fruits of my labour will be rewarded with the success of my soul. If I put my focus and energy into desiring what I deserve, my ego doesn’t get fixated on what will make it fleetingly pleased. My mind is open and non-attached. To allow God to fill that space.
Its so easy to get caught up in the desires of the ego, but lately, I’ve started to question – is this serving my soul or is this serving my ego? By asking this question it helps me to live more consciously.
The yogic scriptures suggest that the energy you give out you get back ten fold.  1/10th of your day dedicated to Sadhana will bless the rest of your day with the returning energy. What energy are you putting out there? If you consistently ask God to meet your desires are you vibrating on a frequency of lack and insecurity? Can you feel at peace and content with what you have, knowing you have what you deserve? And trust God to do the rest.