Photograph by Allef Vincius

Whilst being confined during the isolation period… My thoughts wander to this prison of my mind. Which now extends to the bricks of my home. Everything which I feel inside has become magnified, as distractions are limited, and my world has become smaller. This varies from deep relaxed states of bliss and joy to loneliness and irritability.

Freedom used to mean not being tied down, having flexibility to do as I please, travel the world, have money in the bank, no boundaries, no one to answer to. I now realise what I created was an illusion, to offer myself a false sense of security in a made up belief about what I ‘thought’ freedom looked like.

In isolation I am being confronted by the fact that true freedom is being able to sit with my own thoughts and emotions that cause discomfort and not react, just simply be with it. The teachings suggest that “Emotions are very important, but any mistake you ever make will occur when you become attached to your emotions as reality”.

Freedom is being confronted by my own destructive patterns and having the awareness and the strength to say no, not today.

Freedom tells me no matter what is happening externally, I can sit on the throne of my own grace. This involves rising above reflex action and  keeping connected with the source of higher energy, integration, and inspiration, you can find a meditation for that here.

Freedom belongs in the mind and in the heart, whatever the surroundings.

Freedom belongs to breaking though our own limitations.

Freedom belongs to holding space for our old wounds to heal, knowing their pain will no longer drive our behaviour.

I am optimistic that when we can go beyond our limited sense of self and ‘ego’, there awaits the universal consciousness, where all life and spirit are one. We are no longer the micro, and merge with the essence of infinity.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.” Rumi


We have a choice to experience this as heaven or hell.

Frustrated by the physical shackles, or optimistic for the inner portal that is open to experience a new sense of freedom.

So despite the restrictions on our finite selves, this, my siblings of destiny… is a great opportunity.

To extend ourselves towards the vastness that awaits,

through the gates of security and over the bridge of comfort.

There is a field…. I’ll meet you there.

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