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<![CDATA[Sat Nam Ji,  I am Kundalini yoga teacher finished the training and just finishing coursework but have been teaching for 17 months now. I am based in Sussex and there only a few teachers around here and I am th to KY one who does it full time.  I don’t really have questions as such but have a proposal: It would be lovely for teachers who are practising to share what they teach on a blog or FB or Whatsapp group.
There are some amazing teachers and workshops but as I am full-time Kundalini yoga teacher and I have a 12-year-old son with my husband working away most of the time I cannot join the classes but would be great to share ideas.
What kriya with what meditation is taught, the layout or sharing the teaching wisdom, teaching experience as we get so much from witnessing students’ journey.
As many people now coming with chronic conditions it would be great to share what works.
As the community is so important I feel the exchange of knowledge and experiences would be very beneficial for all teachers! I have also opened Kundalini yoga studio in my house creating the space for the community in Sussex to come and practice together and running Aquarian Sadhana practice two Sundays a month 
But I do feel a need to connect more to teachers and teachings. ~ Tej Sangeet Kaur

Satnam and Thank you Tej Sangeet for sharing and using this medium to get your proposal across.
I remember the early days of teaching and needing a reference, advice, needing to connect with new teachers.
It is a blessing you are teaching full time and bringing these teachings to your community – bless you for that. I hear you when you say that it can be isolating; balancing family life and your own journey. You may not be able to get to all the events/workshops, I would recommend planning ahead – what can you realistically do/manage. For example, I decided I would only do one level 2 module a year and in London. This way I had plenty of time to plan for it, it also meant I felt satisfied with being in community and also meeting the needs of my own family.
Some suggestions – I recommend the Library of Teachings https://www.libraryofteachings.com/ it is a great resource for teachers, new and old.
Also, get involved in KYTA, community events, Great British Yoga Festival (GBYF), start a Facebook page; I am aware that London and Birmingham Sangat have a Facebook page. You have made a valid suggestion, sometimes we wait for others when actually the time is for us to act.
There is also Skype/Zoom sadhana, I am apart of a Zoom sadhana which happens every Friday’s 4.30am to 6am. It’s a wonderful way of joining into the community from where you are living, contact me on harishabd@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to join.
I pray that you keep committed and your energy and enthusiasm bring the community to you. You are in the early stages, relax and know the foundation you are building will be walked on by many
Blessings, Hari Shabd

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