<![CDATA[I am struggling with an addiction with alcohol. I did quit for many months but alas it crept way into my life. Most days I can take it or leave it but the problem is that I binge. I love yoga and meditation and I consider myself spiritual, I am trying hard to tap into the space which led me to quit in the first place. I am also vegan and don’t smoke.  I don’t wish to become a saint or a sadhu, I just want to be free of toxins.

Thank you for sharing your story, you sound like a very strong and determined person. Much joy for having quit for months, can you accept that this is an achievement and that you have come a long way?
You have also recognised that the habit is creeping back in, and been honest that you are binge drinking. Many of us that have addictions are unable, to be honest with ourselves, but you have admitted to me and to others that will read this. It means that the addiction does not control you and that you do have the strength to beat this.
It is also humbling to know that no matter how much time goes by addiction does not leave us, it can be put to sleep but depending on what is happening in our life’s it can be awakened. Saying this; can you identify some change in your life that may have awakened this yearning? It could feelings of being underappreciated, unloved, lose, anger, perhaps something in your work, home life?
What did you stop doing that was successful in keeping the addiction sleeping? Can you bring that habit back in?
Some recommendations:

  • Are the people in your life that you can go to? Support is so valuable in helping to keep us on track. The sangat is always there for you – why not go to a local class?
  • There are many Kundalini Yoga teachers who work specifically with addiction. Have a look at the links section for more information.
  • Speak to your doctor as it may be that you can be put in touch with agency’s that work specifically with addiction.

Kundalini Yoga Tools:

  • Left nostril breathing
  • Sat Kriya
  • Walking is a great therapy – especially with a mantra, and can create so much change inside of yourself and bring back the same determination you had.

I pray that you are kind to yourself; and see how far you have already walked. Keep up!
Blessings. Hari Shabd

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