The perspective that each person will take in this situation,
depends on their history and their relationship to the Teachings.
So it is a time to have compassion and understanding for each other.
To listen without judgement, respecting the experience of others and processing your own emotions.

A couple of points to remember:
Ultimately, the journey is about the Teachings.
It is not about the one who delivers them.

It is in the nature of the spiritual path to test our faith.
Recognise the test and find your way through.

If you need to pursue a conclusion of right or wrong,
you will lose yourselves down the rabbit hole of the negative and positive minds.
Instead breathe and feel, so that you process your emotions,
then you will have a chance to see the situation from a neutral perspective.
Can you dare to stay in that space.

If you need a safe, neutral space, where you can express your feelings, then you can contact:
Kirpal Singh or Ishwara Kaur 

Our prayers are with you. May the community find peace.