Sat Naam IKYTA Teachers,

Recently there have been allegations which have come forward concerning impropriety during the early years of 3HO. This has brought forward a great deal of dialogue and inner processing on many levels for Kundalini Yoga Teachers and students.

This is an issue we take very seriously and want to address with openness, compassion, and sensitivity. We are here to listen and offer a safe space for teachers and students to ask questions and dialogue. We are also here to assist you as teachers in answering questions that are arising for you or your students.

3HO is committed to upholding the values of conscious living. We are one of the only yoga organizations that has established an Ethics and Professional Standards Office to ensure that all students have the right to practice Kundalini Yoga in an environment that is free of personal, sexual, financial, religious or political pressure from a Teacher. Read the 10 Rights of a Kundalini Yoga Student Here.

If there are issues arising for you from these allegations, we want to address them with openness and compassion. We are here to continue to support each of you and those you serve.

This is a time when the world desperately needs the healing power of Kundalini Yoga. Let’s find a way through any blocks to continue to serve as teachers, healers and leaders in this Aquarian Age.

Together we can create a path forward that brings healing for all.

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In Service,

Pritpal Kaur & Puranjot Kaur

CEO, 3HO Foundation & Association Manager, IKYTA