As 2019 has hit, my energy levels have gone dramatically low and I am writing this sitting in my duvet with cold remedies surrounding me. Not the way I would have entered into the year however it has given me time to reflect which I am grateful for.
I am constantly reminded of LISTENING, how much was I listening to my body and paying attention when it said ‘slow down’. Much of the time we only hear the voice after the event ‘I knew I should have’, ‘I did think that but’, or ‘I knew it didn’t feel right’ a classic one for me ‘and I go and do it anyway’ this does not just apply to disease or illness but also in daily life and the way we communicate ourselves with others.
This presents in excusing ourselves for a lot of responsibility; take eating, drinking too much at Christmas; now most of us are ready for a detox, a fix or diet to undo all the ‘bad’ we did, all in the name of a season that permits it! Hope this is ‘food’ for thought. We could take it a step further and look at how our habits are created, and how they are serving You or me? Being conscious Yogi/Yogini’s we have to take the responsibility of the cause and effect or how Patajali would say ‘karma’.
Which leads me to ask ‘what stops us from listening to the pure wisdom that is inside’? my experience tells me that this voice is always in service of YOU and your situation. Well; I think it is all the pressure we put on ourselves which include the doubts and fears, the values and morals we pick up as children, the unsaid rights and wrongs of the culture, society, environment we live in.
Yogi Bhajan says “Listening is very weak in humans. Whatever little degree of intuition we have. We don’t listen. Whatever consciousness our soul tells us, that’s too little, very feeble. We don’t relate to it”
There are many ways in which we can get better at LISTENING

  • A lecture I found interesting from Yogi Bhajan was ‘Paying Attention
  • And a Kriya I would recommend ‘listen without fear
  • Give yourself a mantra that will challenge you to listen deeply to the inner voice of infinity and then have the courage for action. My mantra for the year is ‘there is no right or wrong’.
  • Listen to the deep voice inside and may this year BE to BE.

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Satnam, Hari Shabd Kaur
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