2021: Communication: Build Bridges Not Walls

This text is not intended as any type of prophesy. It is a reflective commentary on the themes associated to the numbers that the year 2021 brings into our lives. It is for the reader to determine if, and how, to translate these into their own personal and social life.

The first and most obvious numerological shift is that the 0 at the end of 2020 is replaced with a 1 to give us 2021. Then the 20 becomes 21 which adds to 3. And finally, the total of 2021 adds to 5. We will now take a look at these numbers starting with the overall sense of the year through number 5.

As the numbers are present for the whole year, then the qualities shared here are potentially effective from the first day of the year. Some people may feel an immediate connection while for others it can be a slow unfolding over the whole 365 days.
The collective destiny number of the year. 2021 = 5

Some qualities associated to 5 are paradox, inversion, reversals, change, Communication, connections, exchange, Threshold, twilight, Physical body as a spiritual body. 5 senses, 5 elements. Learning and learning how to learn. Identity. Sacrifice. Fruit and harvest. Dynamic balance.

This is a year to initiate yourself into action leading to self-education for the benefit of all. Educate yourself about yourself and live from that inner sense of self. All exterior education is interesting, enjoyable and useful for successful functionality in time and space on Earth. But the deeper prosperity and peace in life comes from being educated about yourself. Your experience is always trying to teach you something, but it is another step to really know what your experience is teaching you. Ultimately the message is about your own identity of self.

Every moment is a learning opportunity. Your whole body is a sensory equipment for learning. In constant transformation. The body you had yesterday is gone. Sacrificed for the body you are yet to have. The transitory nature of experience can lead you to sense the continuity of the self that is having the diverse experiences.