the London OM Show, I knew I could rely on the princesses of the Northeast Sangat, and last weekend we journeyed down South, whites and turban prepared, ready to spread the light! We met so many inspiring and interesting people on our journey, Yogi’s fruitarians, those who are pioneering the way in saving the planet. We got to take part in some amazing yoga classes, drank a variety of healthy smoothies, networked with many unique and wonderful people from Buddhists to Palm Readers. We spent time with our sisters from the London Sangat. We shared Yogi Bhajan’s teachings and pulled in passers-by to meditate with us on our stand! They loved it!…..Hahaha I think. We’re being’s of frequency, your energy is so important, as is taking care of your energy and being aware of the impact of your energy on others. This really became apparent to me when I was chatting to the Greenpeace Warriors. The activist was pretty deflated telling us she hadn’t had many people sign up all day. I said I could help and decided to share the prosperity meditation. Obviously, passers-by wanted to join in…. because who doesn’t want to join random acts of meditation on the floor haha. A few minutes into chanting there were people interested in the stand wanting more information about what Greenpeace does and how they can help, the Greenpeace worker couldn’t even finish the meditation! Be conscious of your energy folks….it’s so powerful! Your daily practice will help you do that, as the Master said, “Keep up, and you will be kept up”. It was a total honour to teach on the Pukka Stage, seeing so many new people enjoy Kundalini Yoga was incredible and Marta Antero and Sat Shakti Kaur share their beautiful practice. Thank you so much to the Newcastle Shakti’s and London Sangat for your help and support. We had a blast! If you want to volunteer next year please get in touch.   [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="medium" ids="19722,19721,19720"]