KYTA Support Sessions for Changing Times

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Workshops led by experienced teachers with the aim of  providing additional tools and support,
to help process the changes in our community.


Japji Sahib Workshop – The Song of Liberation
with Sat Siri Singh
Thursday 3rd December
6-8.30pm on Zoom

In this workshop, we will explore Japji Sahib in various ways and experience, discover and deepen our love and fascination for its sound, content and effect.

Japji Sahib, received by Guru Nanak ca. 1500AD, is the opening chapter of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, a sacred scripture and songbook of Divine Love and human inclusiveness, reiterating the essence and priorities of the perennial teachings for a successful, liberated life during the dark ages of kali yug.

Our Divine identity and essence (sat nam) can be realised through the Divine word (shabad, bani) which is the connection (guru) between the timeless Divine consciousness and the beauty and suffering in temporary creation, the world ocean.

Recitation of sacred scriptures and mantras has been practised in all spiritual traditions throughout all ages of human mankind. It is the most sublime way of inner cleansing and transformation. By repetition in meditation, the essence of the Divine word penetrates deeply into the Being and brings it into resonance and remembrance. 

Sat Siri Singh is contactable via email and for more information about his teaching visit


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