KYTA | Rebirthing Retreat with Anand Kirtan and family
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Rebirthing Retreat with Anand Kirtan and family

Rebirthing Retreat with Anand Kirtan and family

Recently I spent the weekend in a beautiful medieval mansion in Warwickshire, with Anand Kirtan and family for their – Rebirthing Retreat.

I feel humble for Yogi Bhajan’s Rebirthing practices, they are so powerful, particularly when done in Sangat.

The teachings suggest that every seven years we have a Cycle of Consciousness, this changes our perception of ourselves and the world. The first seven years of life are paramount in building a foundation for the rest of our lives!  Its when we learn about relationships, how to love and trust. But if we were not given useful messages in our early years, this can have a lifelong impact on us.

A lot of that emotional baggage we sometimes carry,  can weigh us down, and take us away from the soul or our authentic self. We can develop a false identity and distorted beliefs. Yogi Bhajan gave us Rebirthing Kriya’s, to aid and reconnect us to the true self. He gave us Rebirthing to “Clear out all of the old junk, so we have the freedom to create and project a healthier, happier, truer version of ourselves to the world.”

Anand Kirtan offered us this beautiful space, to let that s**t go. During morning Sadhana, as we huddled together in the rustic old barn, cosied up in blankets, our warm breath misty against the frosty backdrop, we felt we could be in the Himalayas.  In unison, we chanted the Japji, uniting us in this sacred vibration, awakening shakti, and connecting with bhakti, we become one with Guru.

Together we enjoyed heart opening music with Anand Kirtan and family, as we sang in joy, we were cleansed by our tears and elevated onto clouds of bliss. As an extra gift, Rachel and Scotty Leigh Janney joined us bringing yummy Herb-a-licious cookies.

There is something so powerful and transformational in chanting mantra together, turning our emotion into devotion, bridging the gap between our finite selves with the love of the divine. You can find a world of Kundalini Music on Spirit Voyage and see what resonates with you.

AWAKENING is a regular feature written by Devajeet Kaur, Seva and Sangat Officer for KYTA. We would love to hear your ideas for topics you would like Devajeet to explore or events to report about.