2020 is the year we are being called to stand up and be counted. 2020 is being described as the year for SOUL EMERGENCE.

But what does that even mean?

It means this is the time for you to step out of your finite persona, and listen to the call of the soul.

What are you here to do?

You see our souls are timeless, and this body, this mind, is like an outfit, a fine coat you’re wearing for your short time here on earth.  You will continue to change your coat as your soul travels through space and time.

It’s suggested in the yogic teachings that we are here to learn lessons, our soul made a contract that we needed to enter the physical realm, the 3d world, the earth, to learn.

To provide the right conditions for what we have to learn we chose our parents. This may be difficult to understand (or stomach) for some of you. But in the yogic teachings… yep that’s right you chose your parents, so it would create exactly the right conditions for your karma.


What’s karma?

Yogi Bhajan said karma is the sequence that leads to consequences, when repeated this builds up our beliefs, habits then creates our identity – but is this the real us? I think not. But why would our souls want to be born onto karma?

Yogi Bhajan said,
“You can view karma as the gateway to dharma. Dharma is mindful living, living your life intentionally.

Living consciously applies to the decisions we make in every aspect of life—what to eat, how to dress, how we communicate, working, raising children, etc. Dharma is externally applied yoga—the way you live your life and how you interact with the world.

When we live dharmically, we’re present and we make conscious decisions about ourselves and our lives.

This takes effort believe me.

Our internal working model, subconscious patterns, underlying programming – whatever it is you want to call it… it goes deep… like weeds.

The yogic teachings give us the tools to weed the garden of our mind.

I’m feeling so optimistic and full of excitement about the light and the magic we’re going to create and shine  this year.

To live this highest purpose we’ve gotta break through the illusions, the projections and self limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Don’t MISS this opportunity to lift the veil, you are being called to stop playing the game of the mind, lost in the ego, the mental entrapments of the Mya, which many of the human race stumble through for lifetimes.

But not you.

We are here to make nothing less of an evolution of consciousness.

Let this plant a seed in your consciousness.

Meditate, journal on it. What are you called to do in 2020? What has your soul came to earth for? How can you serve humanity?

AWAKENING is a regular feature written by Devajeet Kaur, Seva and Sangat Officer for KYTA. We would love to hear your ideas for topics you would like Devajeet to explore or events to report about.