Photograph by Manuel Meurisse

As one dream comes to completion and another begins…

I recently became very aware, that I am in fact….. ‘a dream chaser’.

In my quest to find happiness, contentment, find my place in the world, I realised I have in fact spent most of my life in a state of chasing such feelings.

New places, experiences, achievements, what I notice is after the excitement fade’s, I am once again left with a feeling of, what now? And in this state of addiction I have wandered. Hungry for the next high.

So what’s contributing to this I wonder.

Potentially a big gaping hole of unfulfillment inside. Jumping from one experience to the next fills (or distracts) from this hole for a little while, but be sure it doesn’t last.

A dominant positive mind, that seeks expansion, growth and is ready to take on life, this combined with my wild imagination (which tells me to reach for the stars) is a recipe for some serious dream chasing.

Reading Guru Rattana’s book ‘The Gift of Womanhood’, she suggests that we live in fantasy when we are living from the programming of our wounded inner child, because imagination is the comfort zone and how in this state we relate to what we wish was real rather than what is…. and don’t I hear ya sister.

I mean don’t get me wrong, chasing dreams has took me on some pretty wild adventures and helped me to achieve some cool things…. but it’s also extremely exhausting and can, after a while begin to feel kinda shallow.

Enrichment comes when we stick with something, and when it gets tough we work through it, a job, a relationship, a challenge, our uncomfortable emotions!

The teachings echo this that it’s through commitment that we find calibre.

And in this state, of inner contentment and peace it is no longer necessary to chase dreams, as you magnetise what is yours.

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