I often hear mantra and teachings such as
“We are one”
“If you can’t see God in all you can’t see god at all”
“Recognise the other person is you”

I can be very triggered by this. Have you felt that?

Have you ever felt so horrified by something you hear on the news? For the most part most people are only really dipping their toe in the dark underworld of humanity when they watch the news. I say this because as a Social Worker I often engage with violent people who have seriously harmed other human beings. Hearing of our commonality can leave with feelings of fear and anxiety.  As much as I bring myself back to the teaching ‘we are one’, I also feel slight bitterness at how much easier it is for those surrounded by well rounded, adjusted people to believe and embody the idea that ‘we are one’.

My feelings begin to transform when I actually meet the person and look deeper into who they are and when I am able to see them as a human not just some notes on paper. That’s where I connect with my empathy and compassion for this human being who may often have been entangled in a web of trauma and is deeply wounded. Then I consider, if I had walked this persons shoes, lived their experiences, (and I didn’t know about Kundalini Yoga) would I identify closely with the same darkness they do?

And as I open myself up to the humanness of the individual through compassion, I sense the opportunity to grow.
Reflecting on the experiences of this human being.
And with this awareness I see…
How the other is me.

“If we can see the soul in each other and relate to it, find it, understand it, respect it, then that oneness will be forever”.

AWAKENING is a regular feature written by Kundalini Yoga teacher and Social Worker Devajeet Kaur. We would love to hear your ideas for topics you would like Devajeet to explore