[Hello Hari, A KYTA email finds me in bed with a stinking cold and a low ebb!  The death of a close friend and the end of my relationship have hit me hard over the last few weeks. And my job (also as a children’s social worker!) is overwhelming and exhausting. Those around me are encouraging me to take some time off work (as many colleagues have), but I am trying to summon some strength and hope to push through this challenging time. I’m aware that my Kundalini Yoga practice has had a transformative effect on my life and has really inspired and shifted me beyond feeling sad and stuck in the past.

Creating space to mourn a close friend and a relationship breakup is healthy. Pushing through a thick fog can leave you feeling absolutely exhausted, and likely impact on your nervous and immune systems.
Without generalising – as women we feel we have to hold on to everything, carry on to prove that we can handle the situation. I can understand the reason to keep going, stay busy so that the thoughts of both your loses don’t drown you. However, if you do not face them or accept them then your process to healing will likely take longer and may even be more painful.
Take the support you are receiving from your friends/family. Let them into your grief, it can help to share it and be honest about what you are feeling – there are many Kriyas and meditations for anger, loss and grief
Here are a few I recommend :
Kirtan Kriya – https://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/health-and-healing/kirtan-kriya-sa-ta-na-ma-meditation
Protection and Projection – https://www.3ho.org/kundalini-yoga/mantra/meditation-protection-and-projection-heart
Chanting Akaal for the death of a loved one – https://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/lifecycles/first-and-last-breath/chanting-akaal-time-death
You are your own expert, I know the stresses involved in being a social worker and how thankless it can feel; know that you are creating change just by being there however by taking some time off does not mean you are weak. It just shows that like everyone else in the team you do not have a work-life balance and actually, we all deserve that.
Empower yourself and treat yourself with the kindness that you would afford someone else.
Much love and I pray you get through this with renewed strength and a feeling of gratitude as every experience brings you closer to loving yourself.
Blessings, Hari Shabd

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