KYTA | Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday with KY Southall Sangat
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Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday with KY Southall Sangat

Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday with KY Southall Sangat

by Mandev Kaur

Through the Tenth Gate, the stream of nectar flows; take your bath in this. – Kabeer, from daily Hukamnama 26th August 2018

We were preparing for Yogi Bhajan’s birthday for 11 days. In that time teachers and students were chanting 31-minute Guru Ram Das Mantra in each class. Some teachers would dedicate their classes to talk more about Yogi Bhajan and his personal mantra – Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru. We all felt we are building up the energy day by day through classes, daily Sadhana at KY Southall, and Satruday’s Yogi Bhajan’s video class lecture.

On Sunday 26th August we gathered for special Sadhana which is practiced globally on Yogi Bhajan’s birthday. We began with 11-minutes of Guru Ram Das Chant. We came from different parts of London and beyond, some join us on from other countries online. After tuning into the healing naad of Guru Ram Das we started Long Ek Ong Kar meditation, also known as Adi Shakti Mantra or Morning Call.

The whole space was created in utmost detail. We were sitting in circle, creating a oneness experience.

In 2 ½ hour we had seven Adi Shakti Mantra leaders. The leader would sat surrounded by crimson colour rose petals, and on each side a person would be holding a sword – as in Adi Shakti Sign.

“Adi Shakti is the Divine Mother, the primal, protective, and generating energy in the cosmos. Let us call on the Divine Mother, the Infinite, the powerful. Her jantra (symbolic form) is the two swords of God to protect you, the center of your world. These are the two-edged swords of the being, the negative and the positive. This is her being. This is her presence.” – 11/16/73 YB

Adi Shakti Mantra was the first Kundalini Yoga practice that Yogi Bhajan shared with Western Students. It was also first homework for future teachers.

“Before sunrise, when the channels of energy are most clear, if this mantra is sung in sweet harmony, you will be one with the Lord. This will open your solar plexus, charging the solar center, connecting it with cosmic energy. You will be liberated from the cycles of karma that bind you to the earth. No tongue can tell how bright the light of cosmic energy is, but when you recite this mantra daily, you will have this light within you.”

After 2 ½ hours of vibrating this ‘Code Mantra’, we closed the morning practice with taking daily Hukamnama by Kabeer, which was read in Gurmukhi, english and polish. Afterwards we shared coconut prasad, yogi tea, fruits, homemade almond milk and many new friendships were made.

Gratitude, open heartedness and peace were the qualities we attained that morning. Thank you Sadh Sangat for being together that day. Thank you Yogi Bhajan for sharing Kundalini Yoga legacy with humanity. See you again in the classes and on morning Sadhana at KY Southall. Sat Nam Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru