Aug 19, 2019 | Awakening, Blog

I’m really interested in happiness, I spent years feeling like I was in pursuit of a ghost, chasing my tail, seeking happiness. 

Is happiness a consistent feeling for you? Or is it bursts of joy and excitement followed by emptiness and pain. Do you even experience the joy?

I want to be content in each moment. 

However I often find the mind chatter niggling at me, “I would be happy if I….. (complete blank)” – can you relate? 

So how can we cultivate a steady happiness?

Yogi Bhajan taught that emptiness and pain are going to be real problems in the Age of Aquarius. 

He said that the formula for happiness is commitment. “Commitment will give you character, character will give you dignity, and dignity will give you divinity.”

I considered this, when I think of commitment I think of the standard commitment to a husband or wife, commitment to working 40 years of your life in the same job day in day out, just waiting for the pension to cash in. But you know what – that’s totally not me. 

And this may or may not be you too. We can’t all fit in the same size box. 

So what else can we be committed to that will bring us happiness? 

For me my biggest commitments are:

To the light of my soul
To guiding other souls so they can experience and taste the nectar of raising their consciousness and the divinity within them.
Creating Sangat, spreading the light and teachings.
I’m committed to having the best life I CAN CREATE FOR MYSELF.
I’m committed to creating spiritual music using mantra to uplift and heal people.
We can’t be committed to everyone and everything, your time and energy are valuable – and you can only do so much. Whether you’re committed to spending more time with your loved ones, changing a habit, eating less sugar, your Kundalini Yoga practice 😉 




….and watch your character, dignity and divinity unfold. 

Much love, Dev x

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