So Purkh

Jun 19, 2019 | Awakening, Blog

So last year I decided I am ready to meet a spiritual partner, I felt I had done enough work on myself, and I wanted to find someone I can share my life with. It’s a challenge for me to open up myself to someone else, I am a totally free spirit! I love being able to do what I want when I want. But I also feel this yearning of having someone to relate and talk to, to be there when you need support, to grow with, who is going to pull me up when I’m acting irrational and direct me back into alignment with my higher consciousness, someone I can learn from. Someone who is going to believe in my dreams and lift me higher towards them, even if it is just through words of encouragement. Not asking for much ey haha J

My teacher told me to practice the mantra ‘So Purkh’. This mantra was given by Guru Ram Das, the 4th Guru of the Sikh Guru’s.

When we commit to practicing a mantra, it’s a bit like going on a journey together, you don’t know what’s going to come up, what obstacles you will face, what shifts will happen.

Reasons to practice this mantra:

  • Energetically you are preparing yourself for a spiritual partner.
  • Heal the relationship you have with men in your life or the masculine in general.
  • Yogi Bhajan, taught that if a woman recites this bani eleven times a day for any man, it has the power to make him a saint and dissolve any negativity between them.
  • Elevate and uplift the men in your life!

Here are some experiences of other’s whilst practicing this mantra:

“I started to feel the results of the practice.  I began having intense, emotionally charged dreams at night, which gave me much to think about during the day.  By the end of the 40 days I was feeling lighter, having dropped tons of baggage that I’d been carrying around far too long.  Convinced of the benefits, I continued my journey into the world of Kundalini yoga. As I continued reciting, things in my life began to shift rapidly.  I ended a long-term relationship which no longer served myself or my former significant other, and moved my things out of the home we shared” ( This yogini went onto marry a man she was chanting the mantra for! Powerful or what!

“If you have ever chanted So Purkh for 1 day or 20 years, you know it has the power to release everything from your life that does not serve you.  So the rejection indicates it is time for you to leave something behind because you have outgrown the situation, circumstances, man and/or emotions.  Your best and highest good and that of the Universe will not be fulfilled if you stay stagnant.  Your path may be not in alignment with where you currently are.  What ever you need to release to fulfill your intention and dharma, you will, whether you think you are ready or not, or even want to or not” (

“As I continued to recite the mantra I came to realize that this mantra can be used by the feminine to heal the deep wounds of the masculine in all aspects of our lives and communities. This is a mantra that can be used every day but the Kundalini Yogini’s to help heal the deep wounds and traumas that live inside the masculine right now. This mantra can give the masculine hope, love, and a salve as they work through their own processes to be the men that so many women are calling for (

I love to read about peoples lived experiences, it really confirms for me the magic and transformation that is happening on deep levels, AND INSPIRES ME!

I invite you if you want to elevate the men in your lives, raise their vibration, be the folklife for them in the most subtle divine way…. Without them even knowing it J See how your journey is with this mantra?  The word on the street is if you chant this mantra every day, for 11 minutes, for 40 days…. God will manifest in the male form before your eyes! ( Wowza!

Earlier in the year I was challenged by my karmic patterns in relation to a man, the old pattern nearly sucked me in it was SOOOO powerful! But I STAYED STRONG, as Yogi Ji say’s keep up and you will be kept up! And I did! And because of that a major shift took place for me…..Was it So Purkh? I was definitely cutting old karmic ties, I did FEEL ELEVATED! 1 point to the soul, 0 points to karma! Boom!

Read the full bani and listen to a number of beautiful renditions! Personally I like to use the Nirinjan Kaur version available on spotify.

“So Purkh from their fragrance comes of God” (Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings).

If you make the decision to try it, I would love to hear about it as always!
Much love, Dev x

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