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Yogi Bhajan advised us that if wanted to elevate our consciousness, we should eat etheric foods grown on trees and vines more than three feet above the ground. Referred to as sun foods due to the fact that they have absorbed energy from the sun rather than the earth, many fruits fall into this category and are naturally perfect summer food being light and hydrating.

Melons are from the ground foods group that grow within three feet of the ground and are considered cleansing food.

High in fibre and low in fat, fruits are high in important vitamins, especially A & C and also contain many trace minerals.

The fact that fruits encompass every colour of the rainbow and smell and taste divine is more than just incidental. These sensory characteristics actually reflect their different phytonutrients content.

Phytonutrients are plants’ defence mechanism, protecting them against attack from free radicals such as excess ultraviolet radiation or from predatory pests. When we eat fruits and vegetables, their phytonutrients also offer us protection against damage from these free radicals.

Beautiful Berries

As well as all the usual fruity goodness, berries contain powerful antioxidant phytochemicals, which contribute to a healthy heart, lower levels of inflammation and slow down the effects of aging such as loss of skin elasticity and reduced cognitive function.
Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cherries are currently in season and blackberries are on their way!
Here’s a delicious recipe for vegan Watermelon, Coconut, and Strawberry Ice Cream

Magical Melons

Naturally deliciously sweet and hydrating, melons are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. Yogi Bhajan described melon fibre as being like little brushes to clean the intestines.
Watermelons are high in the phytochemical lycopene, known for fighting inflammation, cardiovascular support and anti-cancer potential.

Start your day with some melon or try a summer cleanse for the liver, kidneys and intestines with the melon diet, which can be found in Yogi Bhajan’s book Foods for Health and Healing.

Powerful Papayas

As well as being highly nutritious, papayas are wonderfully soothing for the digestive tract as they contain the enzyme papain, which makes protein easier to digest.
Don’t throw away the seeds when you tuck into the delicious flesh of your papaya, as they contain essential micronutrients and could offer cancer prevention and kidney protection. The seeds could also destroy certain types of funghi and parasites.


Top Tips

  • Eat fruits which are ripe and in season as they will be higher in all of their valuable nutrients.
  • Eat fruits on an empty stomach or between meals so to avoid combining them with other foods that take longer to digest.
  • Combine fruits carefully for ease of digestion as certain fruits go better together than others, depending on their acidity level and the rate at which they are absorbed. Tropical fruits such as papaya, guava and kiwi go well together, as do apples and pears, oranges and grapefruits or a mixture of berries.
  • Melons are not sociable due to the fact that they are digested so fast, and so are better eaten by themselves.
  • Eat your fruit whole rather than juiced so that you get all the nutritional benefits and fibre without taking on board too much sugar.

YOGIC NUTRITION is a regular feature written by Anna Ranprem Kaur, a Kundalini Yoga teacher with more than eight years of experience, now also in her second year of a diploma in Nutrition Therapy and Naturopathy. In this monthly blog, Anna will share knowledge and explorations as she moves forward on her journey in nutrition.