During their Level 1 Training with Karam Kriya in 2017,  Maree and her partner Peter found an abandoned Dutch Boat in Amsterdam. They decided to sail it back to London and transform it into London’s first & only (possibly the world’s!) floating Kundalini, Yoga Studio

“We were on a crazy three day mission looking for boats. We drove 2000 miles, travelled across four countries & viewed 14 boats over the course of one weekend. ‘The Continental’ was the first boat we hadn’t booked in to see and we found her in Amsterdam.

First we completely gutted the boat and then spendt seven months doing it up.  It took blood, sweat, tears & Kundalini mantras to get us through!  Every tiny piece of material was bought on & off the boat had to be wheeled by hand down the pier, through the local gardens & out to the road.

There is nothing like listening to the sounds of the water gong, whilst gently being rocked by the waves of the Thames & hearing the river flow by outside. Because it’s such a unique venue, it brings an extra special bit of magic to the practice. We keep classes to 11 people & our students are invited to share tea on the top deck after class, so we’ve managed to create a wonderful, supportive community of like-minded souls – many of whom had never heard of Kundalini Yoga before.

The highlights are always our full moon ceremonies where we come together to drink cacao on the top deck & watch the full moon rise, set intentions, chant mantras & give water offerings to the river.

We studied with Karam Kriya in London & Portugal.  Our shared passion is bringing the technology of Kundalini yoga to as many people as possible, with a focus on mental health.  Our aim is for our little community to feel happy, healthy & holy!