Your life is your kingdom. Picture it. It is your domain.

Your kingdom encompasses every facet of your life: your body, your thought-life, your loved ones, your work, your dreams and hopes, your home…at the centre of this kingdom is you.

Often we feel that our lives are out of control and that we are buffeted by the winds and storms of events and change. It feels good to find those still moments when we can breathe and feel that we can gather ourselves before the next thing kicks off.

How often do you feel like this? Are you at the mercy of life’s currents or do you have control?
The answer to this question is two-fold..and paradoxical, in the way that life truths usually are:

  1. Your life is your kingdom and you do have control over it.

You have the power to choose in every moment how to be; how to proceed; how to respond; how to think; what to say. A keystone of trying to live the yogic life is making enough space in our lives to observe what is really going on: we become the spectator of our own drama. The holy witness. When we make space enough to see we can act and not react to what is going on around us. This requires self-training, discipline, clear-sight and courage. It means waking up to our habits, traits and old conditioned ways of doing things. When we awaken we can survey our kingdom and act within it. We become self-sovereign. What no longer serves gets binned, compassionately. This can be clutter and stuff, it may be toxic relationships or people…it may require re-thinking work that fails to inspire and uplift us.
As we take the reins of our lives we begin to change our boundary fences: we are empowered to know- like the King or Queen of the Kingdom- what laws work in our kingdom, how we want to run things and to do so in a way of dignity.

2. Your life is your kingdom and yet, you have control over absolutely nothing.

And here’s the paradox: once we recognise and create space to see and supervise the running of our own kingdom, we then let go of any control, acknowledging that we are not the doer. The Doer of all things is Source energy: it is the Flow that saturates and suffuses all life. You are a beautiful flash of sunlight on a majestic rolling wave that has flowed out over vast epochs, oiling the wheels and arcs of time. Our role, our kingdom, is a golden thread in a billowing and infinite tapestry. In Kundalini Yoga this idea is captured in the mantra ‘Sat Kartar’ which literally means ‘God/ Source the Doer is’. We chant this from the heart, acknowledging and surrendering that we belong to something so much greater than ourselves.

This does not render us irrelevant; it does not mean we lack free will or choice in our lives. In fact, it elevates us beyond measure. We are fuelled by the deep knowing that we are loved, upheld, and part of this great project of the universe. Our job within it is to co-create. To be self-sovereign; to master our own kingdoms, our own domains. When our own house is in order we can radiate dignity, self-discipline, humble self-authority to all around us. We can become a model or a pattern to inspire others.

Begin today by simply taking a few long, deep breaths and surveying your kingdom. Visualise the edges of your kingdom (your life). What does it encompass? What feels out of control? What areas of your kingdom are chaotic or in darkness? Which areas would you rather not look at? Why not? Where is the sunniest part of your kingdom? What can you begin to change today? Grab a pen and paper: make a list. Start small. Breathe. Meditate on your role as the sovereign of this domain. Feel power flowing into you as you realise you have the power to change any area of your kingdom at any time.
Become the Master of the kingdom of your life.
Dharamleen Kaur