image from left to right organisers with friends and teachers
Ravi, Nandh, Shiv Charan Singh, Sukhi, Bali, Hari, Satya Kaur

Celebrating five years of Aquarian Sadhana – via the internet!

A group from the sangat in the Midlands are celebrating five years of Aquarian Sadhana every Friday, streamed live onto your mat, through the heart. KYTA spoke to Nand Singh, one of the organisers about how it all came about.

Through various life challenges we found that we had genuine and honest relationships with each other. There were four of us that connected regularly as a small sangat to console each other and grow through our problems. We always ended with a small meditation, at the time we had no idea how profound this tiny collective practice would eventually become. Our intention with stetting up the Online Sadhana was to simply to support each other, allow space for healing and growth. No judgements, just inspiration and a determined attitude to ride on the waves of life.

What can you expect when you join? In a nutshell. Expect nothing and you’ll get everything. It is for anyone who is interested In Their well-being and spiritual growth.

Three of us have completed Teacher training Level 1, and of these 2 have completed level 2.

We are connected deeply by the teachings and all of us are working in various fields. However the practice of sadhana has been transformational in our lives. Life has a renewed purpose for us, Everlasting and ever expanding. We are devoted to sharing our practice and at the same time understand there needs to be an outreach available to people who would like to experience sadhana as a group.

The group that take part come from all  over. Some from the West Midlands where we are based but also from all over the UK and from as far as Norway and Scotland, Italy and Germany.

This January we are celebrating five years. We ave been inspired through inspiration. To know that even one soul wants to connect and share a practice who may otherwise have no sangat is the motivation to keep this alive. The times are calling out for human consciousness to rise above all perceived limits, to contribute to life and global well being.Every so often someone blossoms in their consciousness. A new idea, a different attitude, a healing, a breakthrough, a miracle is experienced.

We welcome everyone. To join the group send us a message on WhatsApp
Ravi. 07973 844036
Nandh. 07872310843

or email