My name is Manav Simran Kaur and I recently joined the KYTA committee as Liaison Officer. Part of my role is to attend monthly meetings with representatives from IKYTA and representatives from all the other National Kundalini Yoga Associations (NKYTA). Last month we were able to meet in person (rather than online!) at the European Yoga Festival. It was lovely to meet up with so many other yoga teachers, to discuss how we can move forward in building both our national and international community. We were from Estonia, Taiwan, Sweden, Chile, Finland, Switzerland, Iceland, Germany, USA, Italy, Belgium, Austria, France and UK. We were joined by Pritpal Kaur (CEO 3HO International), Hari Charn Kaur (Director of Outreach of KRI), Guruka Kaur (Executive Director of Office of Ethics and Professional Standards) and Jai Gopal Kaur (National Associations Coordinator IKYTA). Guruka Kaur, (from the Office of Ethics, Professional Standards and Conscious Conflict Resolution) shared the new document“10 Rights of Kundalini Yoga Student”. Written by an inter-organisational group, with revisions by groups of teachers (through NKYTA groups) and teacher trainers, this document is a way to keep raising the culture of our communities. It will be shared to all members in the coming months and will then also be available on the EPS website.  Pritpal Khalsa, 3HO International  told us that on 5th January 2019, 3HO will be 50 years old! There will be 50 celebrations around the world, at yoga festivals, gatherings and seva projects. 3HO will feature these on the website and can assist with marketing materials for events. The website ( will be live soon. On January 5th, 2019 there will be a worldwide meditation, including a 24hr Facebook Live event featuring different communities around the world practicing this meditation.  As part of the celebrations, 3HO aim to raise funds for 10 deserving Kundalini Yoga Teachers from Under-served Communities to join them at Summer Solstice 2019 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. Anyone wishing to run a 50th anniversary event, can contact Jai Gopal Kaur, IKYTA Work is ongoing to consolidate and update IKYTA’s and KRI’s working relationship. The key issue is what do KY schools/teacher trainers need to impart to new teachers in order for us to build, grow and sustain our local communities? In many places, teachers are isolated once qualified, how can we each as teachers, learn to build our own communities, with support from KYTA, IKYTA and other teachers and trainers who have successfully done so? IKYTA Website and Programs We were reminded to make use of the IKYTA website, as KYTA members with IKYTA membership, we have access to:

  • Teachings for Teachers (TFT) Videos – short master classes done by experienced teachers. These are offered to all IKYTA members on a monthly basis through the IKYTA newsletter and webpage.
  • Coaching – group coaching on certain topics, online, using Zoom or equivalent
  We also discussed how we move forward as a National organisations group and how we can best serve the members in our individual countries and internationally. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas to share related to bringing us all together, do get in touch with me via email at We are all one, community and group consciousness is what truly elevates us all. Until next time, In gratitude, Manav Simran